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From Start to Finishing

Ritchie Automation provides expert implementation of parts washers, spray booths, industrial ovens, and conveyor systems. Each component seamlessly integrates into existing process control or paint finishing systems.

Parts Washers

Parts WasherRitchie Automation has partnered with T&G Industrial to provide the latest technology in multi-stage industrial parts washers. Our parts washers are engineered to provide superior cleaning and part preparation, and can be implemented into new or existing industrial painting & finishing systems.

We offer parts washers customization, including wash, rinse, pre-treat, and blow-off options. Multiple zirconium-based pre-treatment processes can be applied based on the chemical composition of the part being washed. Industrial dry-off ovens, also known as drying ovens, are available for rapid moisture removal.

  • Spray, Dip, or Combination Processes
  • Tube Solution Heating
  • Water Management
  • Oil Removal
  • Sludge Control and Dewatering


Spray Booths / Paint Booths

Superior finishing starts with high quality, properly ventilated spray booths from manufacturers such as T & G Industrial. Colmet Spray Booths, and Global Finishing Solutions. Our integrated paint booth solutions reduce environmental hazards, increase transfer efficiency, and minimize wasted paint material.

Spray booth efficiency is heavily influenced by spray booth construction, ventilation, and temperature variations, which is why we coordinate with spray booth manufacturers to determine the optimal booth type based on your application. We specialize in closed loop booth balancing to compensate for changing booth conditions including the monitoring of paint filter contamination.

Available spray booth types include:Liquid Automotive Spray Booth & Powder Coating Spray Booth

  • Open Face Spray Booths
  • Dry Filter Booths
  • Water Wash Booths
  • Enclosed Spray Booths 
  • Air Make-up Systems
  • Batch Spray Booths
  • Powder Coating Booths
  • Bench Paint Booths
  • Paint Booths
  • Aviation Spray Booths  


Industrial Ovens

Industrial OvensRitchie Automation supplies industrial ovens precision-engineered for uniform curing and parts drying. Our industrial ovens are ideal for automated liquid, powder, and adhesive coating curing, and are flexible enough for a wide range of part sizes and types.

Industrial ovens are available in standard or custom sizes depending on the application, as well as a diverse range of heating chamber types. Short cycle times maximize productivity while still providing consistent heating results.

  • Gas convection ovens
  • Electric Ovens
  • IR Ovens
  • UV Lamps
  • Multiple Heating Zones


ConveyorsOverhead Conveyor

Conveyors are an essential component of almost any automation systems. We specialize in the implementation of material handling conveyors across a range of industries, including general manufacturing, spray finishing, and automotive finishing.

Our material handling conveyors are currently available in the following configurations:

  • Chain on edge
  • Power and free
  • Closed track
  • Overhead monorail
  • Floor conveyor


Contact Ritchie Automation for more information on our parts washers, spray booths, industrial ovens, and material handling conveyors system integration.

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